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Artist's Bio

She was born in 1956 and raised on the south side of Chicago. In her early years, she was involved in Church. She accepted Jesus at the age of five. At the age of sixteen she graduated from high

school and went to college as sixteen-year-old "child". She felt out of place and alone in Ames, Iowa where she attends college. Her self-esteem spirals to a very low level.

She knew God had called her to be a minister yet, Cheryl hid from her calling by living a sinful lifestyle in a back-slide state. She works "odd" jobs for a few years.

Later the age of eighteen, she joined the Navy and traveled for a few years and ended her last station in Virginia. When Cheryl was honorably discharged from the Navy, she decided to live in Virginia sixteen

years. During that time, Cheryl begin drawing designs on napkins. She found her long hidden passion. Cheryl decided to develop her passion of art into a business. Cheryl still felt lonely and she lack a lot of

confidence in her abilities. Hence, she was aware of this. She returns to working more "odd “jobs.

She starts dating a man she met while working as a waitress and cook. Many try to warn her, however Cheryl felt no one else would want her. She got married in June of 1992. Her husband would not allow her

to work or draw her abstract designs. She was forced to destroy hundreds of her artwork projects. One thing Cheryl wanted was confidence in herself.

She started turn back toward God in her life. She knew she is a very gifted with artistic skills In August of 1992, she left her very abusive husband. She prayed and God made a way. She was three months pregnant

and was left homeless. Her marriage was null avoid. At the age of thirty-six, she was blessed with a beautiful daughter. Shortly after the birth of her daughter, Cheryl came up with the name of her business DECO-MARK

just by shorting the words DECOration MARKet,

Cheryl left Virginia in June of 1993 with her four-month-old daughter. Her ex-husband showed up in Chicago, Illinois. Fearfully, she and her young daughter went to some domestic violence shelters, to hide from her very

abusive ex-husband. She finally got the courage to leave the shelter and get a studio apartment, to raise her daughter as a single mom. As a result, she was on welfare and sold "a homeless paper" in Chicago, to pay bills.

Later, while staying in one of the apartments, she met a neighbor who told her about a school bus company, who was hiring. She filled out the application and was hired in October of 1998. She received her CDL license in

November of 1998 and worked as a school bus driver. She uses her spare time, as a school bus driver, to build her business DECO-MARK.

Cheryl had no prior experience in business and marketing. Her vision was to build DECO-MARK and learn what she needed to make sure her dream is successful. She starts DECO-MARK in 1999 working alone for many years

alone. She uses the library and the internet to find information to help with skills in running a business on a shoestring budget. Her first business card was created with the use of a typewriter and copy machines at "a self-service

coping place. Her business cards where printed on card stock. Sha hand cur her business cards. She used them proudly. She knew DECO-MARK is a business of high standards in the making?

Her self-esteem begins rising. At this point, Cheryl was a school bus driver for about a year at the start of DECO-MARK. She manages to drive for several years completely accidents free. As a bus driver, she could have a bit more

finances to help build her business. She really started seeing positive results in her company. Now, there are several others involved in DECO-MARK.

She enrolled in college and is an outstanding honor student. Cheryl works hard and believes in always putting God first in every part of her life. She found a Church in Chicago and she became very involved in her Church. Eighteen

months after becoming a member, she became a Licensed Minister. Six years later, she became an Ordained Minister. Currently she has an uprising Bible-Based Motivational Christian Ministry and an Organization that is an advocate

for all victims of domestic violence. Cheryl continue to run her business today with a lot of others working in the background to develop DECO-MARK into what it is today. DECO-MARK has merge into an upscale quality products and

outstanding customer service.

As a performer, Cheryl uses her middle name Therese as a single stage name. She sings, writes music, excellent in acting and a great poet. She also does modern dance, mime art, and standup comedy.Click here to read her

Therese Bio as a performer. Many are amazed at the complexity of her memory. She memorized large portion of bible scriptures. She does psalm 37 by memory. This is her life scripture. She is a very passionate person. She is willing

to help anyone she can.

She developed DECO-MARK to create jobs, careers, and business opportunities for others. She has also network with other companies to expand opportunities for others. She has a new husband who loves her and treats her like a queen.

He supports her in building DECO-MARK. She also believes in him. Her husband Mike is a great trombone player of 50+ years of experience with jazz and big band music.



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