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We are an extension of DECO-MARK LLC. We primarily handle


the non-profit sector of our company. We work in the


community to offer opportunity to earn some income. We will


train for any available position we offer in our company. We


have a large variety of associate companies that work with us.


DECO-MARK LLC is growing and we thank God for his guildance


along the way.


We specialize in fine art products and a large variety of items displaying art created by our founder and associates. We offer web design service that is truly customized to represent you and your

company. We started in 1999. With all of our web design service packages we include 500 business cards of your choice and 2 car magnet small or large for a additional amount. We can custom design

any product to brand your company with includes a wide range of wearables in virtual any size. We offer custom designing to fit any event. Any subscription based services are prices locked in for life

To sum it all up, we believe in being fair to our clients. We are a Christian own business. All of designers and artist uphold excellent and quality in their image creations. Our music is unique in style and

fun to listen to. Our founder, Minister Cheryl Turner is a comedian as well as a inspirational speaker. She share her story and hope others will be encouraged. We offer a wide range of courses as

instructors become available. Some of our courses are totally free and some are paid. The first section of our paid course is free to try. The rest is payable up front for the remainder of the course.

Any software of material needed will be indicated before the first sections. Some courses will provide tool(s) taylor for that course.

We have partner with FES to offer services that can be a benefit to all. Click here to find out more information

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